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Township urges Safety and Social Distancing on the Pathways

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THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS – While Stay-at-Home orders are currently in effect for both Montgomery and Harris Counties, the orders do not preclude residents from walking on the pathways. The Township Board of Directors urges residents to continue social distancing when utilizing the pathways, and to follow safety and etiquette guidelines.

Social Distancing on Pathways

For pedestrians using the pathways, please remain a minimum of 6 feet apart. Be sure to stay to the right, watch for other pathway users, be especially alert when running and listen for audible signals and allow faster pathway users to pass freely.

For bicyclists using the pathways, please give audible warnings when passing pathway users, ride at a safe speed, helmets are recommended and be sure to ride straight ahead.

For rollerbladers on pathways, blade at a safe speed, helmets and protective gear are recommended, blade straight ahead and listen for audible warnings and allow faster pathway users to pass freely.

All Township parks are closed per County and Township Declarations and CDC Guidelines for social distancing. Park equipment is not disinfected. Unauthorized use is at your own risk.

Please do your part to keep yourself and your fellow community members safe and healthy, and stay home. If you must go out, please follow the guidelines above.

Source: The Woodlands Township