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The Woodlands Area Candidates Pledge to Run Decent and Honest Campaigns

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The Voter Awareness Council proudly announces that, for the first time, The Woodlands area candidates running in contested races for Texas State Rep #15, Justice of the Peace #3, and The Woodlands Township Directors have agreed to abide by the Texas Code of Fair Campaign Practices (CFCP).

The CFCP is a voluntary pledge adopted by the Texas Legislature to encourage candidates in the state to apply “basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play that every candidate and political committee in this state has a moral obligation to observe and uphold.”

The CFCP harmonizes with the mission of the Voter Awareness Council (VAC) and the VAC took on the project of encouraging our local candidates to consider making this pledge to the voters.

According to VAC President Steve Leakey, “We were heartened to learn that, once the candidates were made aware of the CFCP, they embraced it and made the pledge to the voters to conduct campaigns openly and to limit attacks on opponents to legitimate challenges to an opponent’s record and stated positions on issues.”




Most important to VAC’s mission, these candidates have pledged to “defend and uphold the right of every qualified voter to full and equal participation in the electoral process, and will not engage in any activity aimed at intimidating voters or discouraging them from voting.”

The Voter Awareness Council thanks the following candidates for making this fair campaign pledge to the voters:

  • Texas State Representative #15: Steve Toth and Lorena Perez McGill
  • Justice of the Peace #3: Matt Beasley and Claire Lindsay
  • The Woodlands Township, Position #2: Treva Taglieri and Brian Boniface
  • The Woodlands Township, Postion #4: Francis “Frank” Dargavage and Bruce Rieser

The VAC wholeheartedly concurs with The Texas Legislature’s reasoning in adopting the CFCP: “in order that, after vigorously contested but fairly conducted campaigns, our citizens may exercise their constitutional rights to a free and untrammeled choice and the will of the people may be fully and clearly expressed on the issues.” The VAC is grateful that these eight candidates agree and the VAC will continue to encourage candidates running in Texas to also make this pledge to the voters. For the complete Code and for more information on CFCP, go to