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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hello Woodlands?

Hello Woodlands is a local news sources that shares breaking news, events, articles, and content online through our website (, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), biweekly email newsletter (Every Wednesday and Saturday, and monthly 31 Things To Do Guide.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Not a dime – Hello Woodlands is a FREE news source! No, you do not have to pay to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter that shares top news and upcoming events every single Thursday. Please feel free to check back for new information on our website (updated continuously!), view our calendar (updated daily), and follow @HelloWoodlands on social media. Subscribe to our email newsletter.

Where do I send news, press releases and event information?

Please use the contact form on the Contact Us page or share information directly with us by emailing

Please note: A business promotion submitted as a press release will NOT be published and is considered advertising.

Who and where is Hello Woodlands audience?

Every single month Hello Woodlands reaches OVER 1 million people of ALL ages, genders, and backgrounds in The Woodlands, Montgomery County, Houston, and beyond on our website, social media and email newsletter.

Who created, owns and runs Hello Woodlands?

Jennifer Bruse and Rod Prado created/own/run Hello Woodlands and are locals who have lived as residents in The Woodlands for 10+ years and Houston area for 25+ years. The Hello Woodlands team also works with freelance writers, public relation and marketing firms, photographers, videographers, businesses, organizations, non profits and charities, government officials, law enforcement, representatives, and the community to share breaking news, events and unbiased, nonpartisan information. Read more about the founder.

Can I pay for you to write an article, interview, or publish a feature about me, my business, or organization?

No. Hello Woodlands is an unbiased, nonpartisan news source and NOT paid news.

Hello Woodlands interviews local businesses, organizations, events, organizations, officials, etc. at no charge and shares live and/or previously recorded video as well as written articles on news and topics to share with the community. We believe news should be free, not bought or paid for a specific party or organization, to be able to share unbiased, nonpartisan information.

Hello Woodlands does offer great advertising opportunities through social media marketing, website ad space, banner ads, email marketing, video marketing, monthly guides, and more.

Please submit press releases and news to for consideration. Hello Woodlands cannot guarantee that press releases will be published.

What type of events does Hello Woodlands add to the calendar?

Hello Woodlands publishes free community-wide family-family events events on our online calendar for free (but not guaranteed, as time and space allows). These are events that are open to the public, offered at no charge or cover nor ticketed, are family-friendly, and not a recurring event at your business.

Hello Woodlands offers advertising options and campaigns for the following types of events: Local Events, Virtual Events, Fundraisers, Galas, Workshops, Camps, Classes, Festivals, Grand Openings, Product Releases, School Enrollment, Activities and much more.

We do not promote residential open houses, political campaign events, multi-level marketing businesses, or events that do not comply with our policies, rules and regulations.

Please view our Advertise page to contact us or email us at to request our current media kit, receive advertising opportunities, and talk to a representative about your upcoming event.

How do I advertise my business, organization, event, product, or campaign with Hello Woodlands?

Please view our Advertise page to contact us or email us at to request our current media kit, receive advertising opportunities, and talk to a representative.

Hello Woodlands does NOT promote or allow advertisements from individual political campaigns or multi-level marketing businesses.

What type of news and content do you share or news is Hello Woodlands looking for?

Hello Woodlands loves to share breaking news, local events, fun updates, community stories, and educational content pertaining to The Woodlands/Montgomery County area, weather, traffic, local businesses, health, government, entertainment, food and drink, arts, culture, music, sports, fashion and style, home, schools, charities and non-profit organizations, and so much more.

What do you NOT share on Hello Woodlands?

Hello Woodlands does NOT share biased or partisan information. All information, articles, and content must be thoroughly researched and verified so that Hello Woodlands shares ONLY credible news and factual information. We also do not promote or allow advertisements from individual political campaigns or multi-level marketing businesses.

How do I contact the Hello Woodlands team?

Please use the contact form or email us at We look forward to talking with you soon!