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In launching the “Building a Buzzworthy” Seminar Series, we received SO many requests to continue creating educational content and create a community that shares the much needed information in order to build and market your business, organization, and personal brand …that is BOTH budget-friendly and time efficient.

You asked, we listened! After months of research, talking with small business owners, organizations, startups, brands and influencers, we now ready to make a special announcement.

This April we are launching the Buzzworthy Academy. In the Buzzworthy Academy, award-winning marketing expert Jennifer Bruse and the Buzzworthy Team will share engaging webinars, expert advice and real-life examples, effective strategies, interviews with industry experts and business owners, and answer your questions in a LIVE online Q & A session – every single month. PLUS you have the opportunity to connect with small business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers daily in the private Buzzworthy Community.

The Buzzworthy Academy

When you sign up for the Buzzworthy Academy, every month you will receive:

  • One Educational Webinar that focuses on a NEW Buzzworthy topic (2 hours)
  • Webinar Worksheet and Notes
  • Webinar Homework with Student Shoutouts on Social Media and in the next Webinar
  • Real-Life Business Case Studies and Examples
  • One Guest Expert Interview and Buzzworthy Tips
  • LIVE Q & A session online with Jennifer Bruse and Experts (2 hours). The live event will be recorded and available to students.
  • Access to the Private Buzzworthy Community with Updates, Tips, Community, Polls and Questions
  • News about local events, meetups, and resources


  • FREE “Building a Buzzworthy Business” Workbook
  • FREE Social Media Strategy Guide
  • FREE “10 Secrets to Building a Buzzworthy Buzziness” Webinar

The true value of the Buzzworthy Academy is $1197 per month. We want everyone to be able to access this incredible content that has helped business owners and brands around the world – especially those on a budget! After interviewing dozens of business owners, we created an educational program and community that is impactful, affordable and effective for the busy entrepreneur.

So… we decided to offer the first 100 to sign up a special rate of $27 per month.

Why? Because after talking with our fellow entrepreneurs, we found out that not only do they need this valuable education, answers to their questions, time management tips, and a community to connect with peers, but they absolutely have to stick to a budget. The $27 per month allows our team of experts to dedicate time to creating this incredible content based on your needs, answer your questions, and bring in other experts that are ready to share THEIR buzzworthy secrets. We know webinars, training, networking groups, advertising, etc. can be expensive. We want to go against the norm instead and go above and beyond in providing education and a community that YOU need – at a price that EVERYONE can afford.

Are you ready to build a Buzzworthy Business?

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Topic for Month One

In the first month of the Buzzworthy Academy, learn how to Work Smarter, Not Harder on Social Media.

The webinar will feature information on:
– Social Media 101 – Overview and Best Practices in 2019
– 2019 NEW Strategies and Changes on marketing on Social Media
– Hot Trends and Topics, such as the Pinterest 100
– Instagram Banned #Hashtags and Shadow Banning
– Power of your Personal Brand as an Influencer
– The Power of Time Blocking and being more efficient (spending LESS time) on Social Media
– Prescheduling Posts
– How to Create Content (without a graphic designer) with our Top Favorite Apps
– Storytelling and Influencing versus Manipulating, Overselling and Spamming your Audience

We will also feature a special guest and learn how to start a Podcast!

Reveal Real-Life Business Case Studies and examples for several industries that apply to lessons in our Work Smarter, Not Harder on Social Media webinar.

Two weeks AFTER the recorded webinar is released, we will host a LIVE Q & A session online with Jennifer Bruse and our Buzzworthy experts (2 hours, also recorded and sent).

We will share updates, tips, demos, and respond to questions in the Private Buzzworthy Community.

Last, but not least, we will share news about upcoming local events, meetups, and free resources with our students!

By joining the Buzzworthy Academy as one of the first students, you will be able to help us determine what courses, information, demos, and experts YOU want to see every month. We created the Buzzworthy Academy for YOU and want your ongoing feedback and input on what content you want to see next.

Our Mission

We want small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives and dreamers to turn their passion into a profit – with a budget-friendly and effective marketing plan. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to succeed in marketing your business in 2019 (and beyond!) so you can reach and exceed your dreams.

Expert Advice

Unlike other marketing “experts” or “gurus”, we share award-winning strategies that have thoroughly tested and proven to be effective in our own companies AND strategies we have launched for hundreds of companies, organizations, industries, events, entrepreneurs, influencers and individuals around the world.

NO Fluff

No fluff, no long-winded pep talks – just solid strategies that you can implement immediately for your business to market your business today, this week, and year. Yep, and it’s all cheaper than having coffee or doing lunch to “pick our brain.” PLUS you get to engage with business owners and influencers online!

Meet Your Personal Marketing Coach

Jennifer Bruse, owner of Hello Woodlands

Award-Winning Marketer and Videographer. Marketing Expert and Coach. Entrepreneur. Writer. Creator. CEO.

As a Marketing and Social Media Expert since 2010, Jennifer works with businesses, organizations and individuals around the world to build, promote and monitor their brands, reach their target audience, and turn an online presence into a profit.

Jennifer has a vast experience in creating and managing successful marketing campaigns for News and Media, Entertainment and Music, TV and Radio, Events, Arts and Culture, Nonprofit Organizations and Charities, eCommerce and Retail, Beauty and Cosmetics, Spas and Salons, Food and Beverage, Fitness and Wellness, Law and Justice, Oil and Gas, Medical and Healthcare, Insurance, Home Design and Decor, Construction, Real Estate, Emergency Services and Repair, Financial Planning and Investments, Banking, Schools, Teachers, Education, Childcare, Creatives, Artists, Authors, Photographers, Videographers, Hobbyists, Consultants and Coaching, Startups …and so many more!

Learn more about Jennifer

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Are you ready to reach and exceed your dreams? We are ready to help, offer you the tools and answers you need, and build a community to support you in your journey.


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