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Not only do we reach OVER 1 million people online every month, have OVER 47,000 social media followers, and OVER 12,000 email subscribers, but we work closely with our advertisers to create custom and effective campaigns that reach their target audience and exceed their goals.

Current Advertising Opportunities Available:

  • Event Advertising – Event Promotion on Social Media, Website Calendar, Email Newsletter, and 31 Things to Do Guide. Accepting January 2018 events until December 14, 2018. We are currently accepting events through December 2019.
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts (not articles) for Auto, Fashion, Fitness, Activity, Product/Service Demo, Event, and Custom Campaigns
  • Business Advertising on the Hello Woodlands website, email newsletter, social media platforms and videos. Accepting new advertisers in December 2018.

Next Steps?

  • Please email us at or use the contact form below to request our current media kit with available services, packages, campaigns, and pricing.
  • Our team will help you to select the best services or package that works best for your business, organization, event and/or campaign. Payment will be available online and must be received before services are launched.
  • Advertising campaigns and services can be launched  2-3 business days after payment and marketing materials (images, information, etc.) are received.
  • Since we are a digital resource, advertising campaigns can be launched at any time; however, we do recommend events and event organizers to contact us 2-3 months before your event so we can effectively promote the campaign.
  • Deadlines
    • 31 Things To Do: To be included in the “31 Things To Do” monthly promotion, you must purchase our Featured Event package and provide marketing materials (images, event information, website, etc) by the 1st before the upcoming month. Example: Events featured in “31 Things To Do in December” are due on November 1, 2018.
    • Events: We recommend events and event organizers to contact us 2-3 months before your event so we can effectively promote the campaign. The deadline to promote an event (receive payment and promotional materials) is no less than 2 weeks prior to the day of the event.
    • Videos: Video production must be scheduled no less than 30 days prior to the video release date. Exception: LIVE videos are broadcasted immediately on Facebook and Instagram.

Advertising Promotions:

  • One month FREE with any 12 month advertising plan (monthly auto-pay).
  • Payment is available online, automatic monthly billing or by check.
  • Industry Exclusive contracts are available for most industries at no extra cost.
  • Contracts are NOT required for event promotions, campaigns, and most services.
  • Custom packages are available for every business, organization, event and ALL budgets!

NOTE: We do not accept funding from political or election campaigns.

We look forward to hearing from you!


UPDATE: The deadline for December events has passed (November 15, 2018). We currently are planning for promotions in 2019. Event promotional spaces are limited and on first come, first serve basis. The deadline for January events is December 14, 2018.

Please share your advertising goals, more information about you and your business, organization and/or event, and include your website (if available). We look forward to working with you!


5 Facts About Hello Woodlands:

1) Hello Woodlands #1 News Source in The Woodlands with OVER 45,000 social media followers.
2) Hello Woodlands reached OVER 1.5 Million Online Users last month.
3) Hello Woodlands sends a weekly e-newsletter with the top local news and upcoming events every Thursday AND every month in our 31 Things To Do Newsletter to OVER 10,700 subscribers.
4) Hello Woodlands is does not charge or accept payment to write/publish articles or interviews.
5) Hello Woodlands is an unbiased, nonpartisan news source that does not accept funding from political or election campaigns.


Please contact us to view our media kit and current advertising opportunities by submitting a message through the contact form below or email We look forward to talking with you soon!

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